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Urban Sanctuary

Each week, pastors Dana and Lauren (and sometimes special guests) help us understand what it means to be a progressive Christian. We start from the Bible and talk about everything from genderfluidity, to how to talk to people from different political camps, to resting in God's word about who we are (protip: the answer is "loved").

Sep 3, 2019

"Turn the other cheek" is a loaded text, especially for the oppressed or silenced. Women, brown people, nonbinary folks, all get told to "turn the other cheek" when we are attacked, more as a way to safeguard the status quo than to help us get by in a world where power is unevenly distributed. Then again, how do we live together in a world where violence begets violence? How are we instruments of God's peace, without turning into ineffectual Ned Flanderses?